Welcome to West Hill

West Hill Technology Counsel is a boutique business and technology law firm. Our clients are new and expanding businesses that create or leverage technology as a core part of their business model.
Established in 2008, West Hill works with clients in all stages of company growth including formation, obtaining intellectual property protection, licensing, contract negotiations, litigation, and mergers and acquisitions.



The New “Tech Company”

New “tech companies” share a truism, each year the integration of technology into their businesses becomes greater than the previous year. New tech companies create, use, sell, and leverage technology as part of their core business.

We tailor our practice groups to address the needs of the new tech company. Creating a mobile app? We can help. Need to protect your brand? We’ve got you covered. Storing data in the cloud? Let us assess the risk. Want to protect your intellectual property? We can do that. At West Hill, we pride ourselves on understanding these issues, among many others, which confront your technology company. That’s just good business.

Our Practice Areas


Women Owned Business

As a certified woman-owned business, West Hill is actively redefining the concept of private law practice. Diverse hiring practices are important to many of our clients either because of a corporate commitment to diversity or because hiring a certified woman-owned business assists them in attaining supplier diversity goals.


Hiring Lawyers for Your Business

West Hill was founded on the simple premise that you need lawyers who understand and care about your business’s success. Seems simple enough, but other lawyers don’t always deliver.

If you’ve ever gotten a generic response with a litany of disclaimers from an attorney, you know that it’s enough to make you second-guess picking up the phone or sending an email to ask that second question. This is where West Hill shines. Our clients report that they actually enjoy calling us. We are upbeat and efficient. Over time, we become a member of your team. There are no automatic ¼ hour billing entries every time we think about your company. Instead, we are focused on creating real value for your business with every entry on an invoice. Refreshing, don’t you think?

Our Team